Le Tour du Mont Blanc

Greetings from Courmayeur, Italia. This blog entry comes to you from Le Tour du Mont Blanc, a long distance ramble around the highest massif in Western Europe, passing through France, Italy and Switzerland. And what a civilised experience it is!

Inspiration has not been lacking on this leg of my existential vacation. I had an epiphany the other day, in fact: halfway through my lunchtime confit de lapin, it occurred to me that the Code of Purism could be improved. Of course the Purist must still eschew worldy pleasures such as laundry etc. However, the addition of fine wines and haute cuisine I feel, can only be of benefit to the spiritual journey. I quickly wrote a sequel to my book, with the title New Purism. Just as Tony Blair reinvented the British Labour Party in the nineties, I feel this new chapter in the history of the Purist heralds a new dawn for all mankind etc. etc. blah blah …. Only £29.99 per chapter from the usual dodgy website hosted in the former Soviet Union.
Ciao for now, belli!
(This post dedicated to the memory of Luciano Pavarotti.)