I owe it to the world

Stirrings deep in the, er, depths of my conscience prompt me to take keyboard in hand again and type. No, I am not backpacking again. Yes, I have a job. Yes, I live in an apartment in Manchester, a city with only one place that sells good Laksa. But life is journey, is it not? Every day is an odyssey, from the brave hoisting of the morning sails as you venture from your duvet-covered womb out into the harsh grey mist of another day, to the weary voyager’s return to the simple comforts of a 42″ flat-screen television and a large gin and tonic. Oh yes. And I couldn’t leave you all alone without the benefit of my guidance, could I? After all, what would be the point of all that travelling if I didn’t continue to share the fruits of my spiritual journey with the world? Could I really live with myself knowing all the little people out there who were relying on my sage advice, hanging on my every word for the merest dewdrop of wisdom to fall from the morning grass-blade of my mind onto the receptive fertile earth of their hearts? No, I couldn’t. I owe it to those people to blog again – and blog again I will!

All great rock bands disband and then, twenty years or so later, as their cash flow wanes, stage a come-back tour, gritting their teeth as they put up with hated former friends on stage and chug out tunes they no longer care about while mindless fans scream with uncritical appreciation. This will not be like that at all. It will be even better than the original Existential Vacation! So be prepared to have your collective minds blown by the sheer depth and mature odour of my wise words. EV has returned. Tell your friends.