I finally found it!

I am not one of those people who thinks that ‘everything happens for a reason’. Au contraire. I embrace the fact that life throws a bunch of meaningless crap at us over and over again, like a screaming cosmic monkey warning us off its tree by flinging faeces in our general direction. And yet, sometimes the temptation to thank providence is great.

Getting liberally caked in Cosmic Monkey Crap over a period of many years can be a dispiriting business. One can feel jaded. One can lose one’s highs and lows, as Linda Ronstadt so poignantly sang in the song ‘Desperado’, a song which seemed to pursue me through my travels this year. And so I have to thank Chiang Mai for throwing that extra load of crap and ridiculousness at me. For tipping me over the edge.

My computer was drowned in Songkran. I am typing this on my ASUS. I have spent 5 weeks with a group of digital nomads. They did computer stuff while I was writing longhand into notebooks. We worked, we talked, we drank, we ate, we explored. We built cool stuff.

Thanks Hacker Paradise and thanks Chiang Mai for a bit of absurdly unjaded real life.


Oh, and FYI at the centre of the universe there is a very pleasant swimming pool.